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July 14 2021


by Theresa Same


The house on Dekalb Avenue

Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

Kobi Yamada

Amanda, Justin, and I have taken a leap! We became the owners of this house built in 1884 on DeKalb Avenue which will eventually be our new SCAL Home. 

Buying a building was always part of our long-term plan, so when we found out that our building had sold, and we would need to move, we decided to seize the opportunity. We began looking at commercial buildings in the intown Atlanta and Decatur market and nothing felt right. I began imagining us relocating to this house that I passed daily (on DeKalb Avenue) that had been for sale for quite some time. It was a sweet old bungalow, but I could tell that it needed a lot of work. After a little research, I learned that the property was zoned commercial and convinced Amanda and Justin to look at it with me. 

Even though we knew from the amount of time on the market that the house was in rough shape, we were surprised at how rough it really was. Most people would have turned around and walked out the door, but the three of us began to envision a future for SCAL here. We loved the large central hall, the 11-foot ceilings, and the ideal location. We also knew that anyone else would tear down this historic home, and that it would become another set of townhomes on DeKalb Avenue. We saw it as an opportunity to design and build our own space. We knew it was going to be a monumental task, but who better to take this on than the three of us? With a lot of vision, hard work, and a little luck, 1830 DeKalb Avenue will be home to SCAL by the end of this year.

After many months of paperwork, design and permitting, we are finally ready to get started.  We look forward to breathing new life into this house and renovating it to last another 140 years. 

The restoration of this home will be an adventure, and we are excited to share our journey through this blog. Ready, set, leap!