All of our work is based on fixed price contract, unless you request otherwise. To begin work on the Preliminary Feasibility Phase, we require a 50% deposit at the signing of the contract and 50% upon presentation of the final pricing. The Design/Build Agreement is a fixed-price contract, which requires a 20% deposit upon signing with periodic billings as per the contractual agreement.

The estimate you receive from us may be higher than others. Two concepts may help explain that, though the best way to understand is to talk to our past customers. First, SCAL Home uses top grade materials and takes the time to provide enduring craftsmanship; quality takes time and costs more. Second, our proposals are reputed to be among the most thorough and truest you’ll see. Some contractors give unrealistically low bids and then have to cover their costs later in the job. Eventually you pay the same amount as you would have paid us, but you don’t get SCAL quality.