Druid Hills Exterior Remodel

“Over a period of nearly 20 years, SCAL has done two different jobs for us. We have been unfailingly satisfied with SCAL’s work. We feel we’ve gotten excellent value for our money. We have been delighted with everything about both projects, and we know we’re fortunate to be clients of SCAL.”  –  Lynne Moody & Michael Thun

Project Highlights

  • Improved the Curb Appeal of this Colonial Home
  • Added a Gabled Entry Porch
  • Added a Retaining Wall and New Brick Walkway

The clients asked us to replace their existing front entrance that was unattractive and impractical for their family of five. The main entrance was located at the far right side of the front facade and led into an enclosed sunroom that was connected to the rest of the house by a small cased opening. The family used the sunroom for bicycle storage and wanted to maintain that use while relocating the entrance to a more attractive and practical place. With some research, we found that the house originally had a gabled entrance centered on the front facade. By designing the new entrance to match the original, we created a formal entry porch that gives the house presence from the street and creates a more comfortable and attractive approach into the house.

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