Midtown Historic Foyer Renovation

“People that are unaware of the fact that this Foyer has been renovated simply cannot believe that it has not always been this way. When we point it out to these same people, we try to show them what exactly SCAL did, but it is difficult to get them to see where the old ended and the new began. I do not know of a better compliment than that.”  –  Swan & Jim McKinght

Award Winner!

Project Highlights

  • Restoration of Foyer in Historic Apartment Building
  • Coffered Ceilings
  • Historic Detailing

Before/After Floorplans

The client asked us to return the grand foyer of this1912 condominium at "The Ponce" back to its original appearance. The Ponce was a premier high-end apartment building in Midtown Atlanta - each floor had two 5-bedroom apartments which included a grand foyer. In the 1960's each apartment was divided into three separate units - the grand foyer became a common area with an entrance to each unit. After our client acquired all three units on the sixth floor, she called us to begin the renovation. We hid the existing exposed ductwork by building a coffered ceiling, installed an antique door, incorporated trim details reminiscent of the original, installed new light fixtures, and carefully refinished the space. Our goals were to return the room to its original grandeur, maintain the historical integrity of the building, and use the grand foyer to tie together three separate spaces.

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