Morningside Wine Cellar

“If you're looking for high quality craftsmanship and a professional, responsive team that absolutely knows what they are doing, look no further than SCAL.”  â€“  Jeff & Donna T.

Project Highlights

  • Climate-controlled wine cellar
  • Custom shelf system & accent lighting
  • Polished concrete floor

These homeowners are wine collectors and wanted to make better use of their unfinished basement space by incorporating a wine cellar. We removed a window and framed and insulated a section of the basement to be a climate-controlled space to store and display a beautiful wine collection. An insulated glass door was installed to provide a view into the surprisingly charming spaced nestled among the basement storage. The wine bottles are stored in a way that allows them to be a part of the design along with the artful lighting and shelving system. We polished and stained the existing concrete floors inside the finished space. On the outside of the wine cellar wall, we built useful storage shelves. This renovation successfully meets all the storage needs of the homeowners while creating a unique design feature in the home.

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