Toco Hill Front Entry

“Thank you for helping make our 1950's ranch home, which we already loved, into something perfect for us. When we get ready to do another project, you will be our first call.”  –  Rebecca Lock & Nedra Wick

Project Highlights

  • Added Curb Appeal to this 1950's Ranch
  • Enhanced Home with a New Covered Entry Appropriate for the Mid-Century Home
  • New Flagstone Walkway, Stairs and Entry

Before/After Floorplans

The homeowners of this 1950's ranch wanted to improve the curb appeal of their home and create a more welcoming entrance. The front entry lacked detail and interest with an off-center front door, poor lighting, no protective roof coverage, worn concrete and an inappropriately styled colonial railing. We built a covered entry roof supported by two half columns with stone piers. The new roof structure centers on the steps and draws attention away from the fact that the door does not center on the stoop. Stone was applied to the stoop, steps and walkway and was also used as an accent in the new concrete driveway. The old wall sconces were removed and replaced with a ceiling light, lamppost and step lighting to better illuminate the entrance. The large inefficient windows on the front elevation were replaced with more appropriately scaled windows compatible with the rest of the house. The front door was replaced with an interesting paneled door that reflects the 50's style and was painted red in another attempt to make the new entry a prominent feature of the house. Before this renovation, the homeowners never used the front door and encouraged visitors to come through the carport. Now the front entry is one of the highlights of the home.

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