Built on a Strong Foundation

In 1980, our founder, Danny Feig-Sandoval, had been doing small carpentry projects around Atlanta for a while. He decided it was time to start his own business, calling himself “The Small Carpenter at Large.” After a few years, he hired his first employee and the company evolved into Small Carpenters at Large – SCAL was born! Eventually, Danny’s home office was overflowing with employees. In 1996, SCAL moved their office into a building Danny renovated in Inman Park.

Danny built the company culture around two main principals: quality and relationships. To this end, Danny was an early adopter of the Design/Build method of remodeling. It allowed SCAL to control the quality of the product while also improving the remodeling experience for clients. Danny always took a team approach, which included SCAL clients and employees working together to create a common vision for every remodeling project.

Danny built his team with employees that shared his same core values that have always been what he considers “the heart of SCAL’s success.” Danny credits his employees with “helping create a company that continues to be held in high esteem and among Atlanta’s best remodeling companies.”

In 1997, Theresa Same joined the team. Though her college training prepared her for corporate America, she was the daughter of a small business owner and loved the idea of staying involved in all aspects of a business. She loved old houses and was immediately attracted to the family-like culture at SCAL.

Amanda Johnson, an experienced residential designer, joined the team in 2001. Her talent and skill were immediately evident. Amanda enjoyed the trust Danny placed in her and being essential to the construction process. Every SCAL project over the last twenty plus years is an Amanda Johnson design.

Justin Larrison brought many years of experience in carpentry, estimating, and construction management when he joined the team in 2016. He was drawn to the team culture and strong relationships SCAL had built, and when combined with his passion for renovating older homes, the fit at SCAL was perfect.

Amanda, Justin, and Theresa each bring their unique perspective to the design/build remodeling business, creating an experienced, knowledgeable, and well-rounded team.

When Danny retired in 2019, they decided to keep the team together and continue the SCAL legacy. They embraced the many lessons Danny taught them over the years and used them as the foundation to build upon. Even today when making a difficult decision, they ask themselves, “WWDD?” (What Would Danny Do?).

With those lessons and home improvement and remodeling as their passion, Amanda, Justin, and Theresa forged ahead to make SCAL their own. Outgrowing their Inman Park office, they purchased a Lake Claire home, built in 1884, and renovated it to create a new office in which SCAL continues to thrive.

While SCAL has changed over the years, much has remained the same. The commitment to community, relationships, quality, and adapting Atlanta’s old homes to the needs of an ever-changing world are always at the heart of the company. We at SCAL look toward a future bright with remodeling possibilities.